Application for Access to CHS Campus Facilities

Please complete the form below to assist us as we prepare for your arrival.

Please include any IT needs, such as microphones, speakers, video recording, etc., as well as any potential for refreshments and who might supply those refreshments.
Arrival Time
End Time

Campus Visitors must give their signed agreement to the following policies regarding their use of the campus. These policies are necessary because of the increased demands on the resources of the CHS, concern for health, and security. Visitors who fail to adhere to these policies may lose their ability to utilize campus facilities.

Please note: Masks must be worn in all public campus buildings.

Visitor Eligibility:
1. The CHS Campus is open to visitors who have made application and been approved.

2. The Director’s Office of the Center for Hellenic Studies reserves the right to refuse access to any visitor on the basis of the above criterion and adherence to the policies below.

Requesting Visitor Privileges:
1. All visitors must fill out the online form identifying themselves and describing their project, at least one week (excluding Saturday and Sunday) in advance.

2. We will respond promptly informing you of our response to your request to use the campus.

3. Only authorized visitors may enter the campus. All other guests must be approved in advance by CHS staff. Children and pets are allowed on campus with prior approval but may not enter the Main Campus Building.

Campus Hours:
Campus hours for visitors are Monday through Friday, 9.00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and weekends with prior approval.